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Your Love Life and Your Reputation
Favourite Color
You like to get action from Anything with a tongue
You're most likely to hook up In the backseat of your car
Behind your back, other people think of you as Someone they won't touch for fear of getting a disease
Your past lovers would describe you as Quiet
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::::Personal info:::::

Name: Amy Thao Nguyen

Age: 16

Birthday: July 19, 1987

Height: 5'2 and 1/4  ...every little thing counts! hhehehhhaha

Hair color and long/short:  dark brown/black....umm medium length

Eyes: brown

School: Woodlawn High School....SENIOR of 2005!!!!

Nationality: Vietnamese REPRESENT hahahaha

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

:::::Would you...:::::

Ever jump off of a bridge: yes if i was attatched to a bundgie cord

Swim with sharks: no!

Kiss your best friend: yes..if he was a sexy boy and if I liked him in that kind of way

Marry someone of different nationality:  Yes white please

Marry someone older than you: Yes

Marry someone younger than you:  it depends..but if i ever did...i think only by a couple of months

:::This or That::::

Short or tall:  Tall

Skinny or Fat: inbetween

Pale or tan: Tan

Shag or spike: umm it depends....some guys look good with shags and some look good with spikey hair

Long or short hair: short on boys..medium/long on girl. i was never a fan of short hair on myself

Coke or pepsi: coke


What do you like in a guy/girl?  wow i can go on forever about this one....well. first of all, I would like my guy to respect me and all girls in general. He has to be a gentlemen and very generous and  humble and sweet and smart.  hmm about looks...i usually go for the tall (but not gigantic) dark haired tan guys.

Do you like school: Yeah i like school when im not overloaded with work.

Do you like your life so far: Yes I can say that I do like my life. Theres nothing really bad or messed up about it. I dont have emotional breakdowns and alot of problems like other people have so sometimes I consider myself lucky.

:::What do you have?::::

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Nope...still waiting for that somebody to come along

Do you have a house or apt.? well I don't have a house..i live in one that belongs to my parents...butt sooooon moving out into anohter one! yaya!

Do you have a pet? YESSS i love my koco. Shes a weiner dog!! ahahha Gretchen Weiners has a weiner dog. how cool! hahaha

Do you have a car? YESSS i love my Logan also! haha except for right now bc hes almost out of gas and I don't have any money! ahhh!

Do you have any best friends? Yes! Ashley, Shelly and Jennifer!! They are the best!

Do you have a job? ehh well i have 3 days left at Limited too but im starting at Glamour Cuts

Do you have a curfew? Yes I can't drive past 11

Do you have anything pierced? Yes my ears

Do you have a tan? yeah I have an asian tan which is shimmery and sexy hhahahahh

Do you have a social life?  eh sooooomestimes if i get lucky. haha. well i hang out with the same people all the time but i lova them so its cool




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